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If you are interested what exactly is Google’s AdSense RPM (Page RPM) and how you can improve it and increase it, then you are in the right place. In this article I will explain you what is page RPM, how can you increase it and why it’s very important for your website success.

What is page RPM?


Page RPM is how much money you earn for every 1000 page views. You can see your RPM in AdSense Performance tab and there you can compare your different sites earnings.
This is the official formula for calculating your page RPM from Google AdSense Help:

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

This means that if you earn $0.75 from every 100 page views, then your RPM is $7.5. This numbers put in the formula: $7.5 = (0.75/100)*1000.

Increase AdSense Page RPM

How to increase your page RPM in AdSense?


The easiest way to improve it is to remove your lowest performing ads. Also you can remove the unrelated ads and if you want to spend more time on your site, you can experiment with ads positioning and ad sizes.

Is page RPM important?


It is important, but you can’t know what good RPM is because it’s different in every niche. Some websites earn a lot of money with lower RPM, because they have huge traffic in low earning niche.
Other websites can have low traffic in high earning niche, thus a very high RPM and earning a lot of money too. So it all depends on your niche, but is it good to spend time improving your RPM? Of course it is, because that way you’ll make more money from the traffic on your website.

  • pradeep11394

    I got 1400 page views per day but my daily earnings is 4$ . I want to increase it please help.

  • AweSci

    I got viral traffic on my blog one day…around 17000 views. But adsense earnings were only $6 What do I do?

  • Mohit Jain

    how to earn more money form google adsense i have blog please check

    and say i m doing something wrong or what

  • Salim Reza

    Hlw bro
    I got viral traffic on my blog one day around 3000 views.
    But Adsense earnings were only $2 What do I do?
    Please check my blog-site & help me

  • Mohammed Wasim
  • Piyush

    I have a blog for education – IBPS exam .. and only RPM – 0.56 .. How to increase it please suggest

  • Nitish Kumar

    Nice Post! I just got approved by adsense in first month my RPM was 1.99$ but after sometime it came down to 0.00$, anyways thanks for your help!
    My Blog –