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best pc games 2013

What are the best PC games of 2013? Although it’s the first quarter of the year, game releases so far have been okay. Last year we had amazing games like Dishonored, Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs and more. This year we had a pretty good start with the latest Tomb Raider and Crysis games. And that is just the beginning, as we expect even more intense games like WatchDogs and Grand Theft Auto V. But for the time being let’s look at the games I mentioned earlier.


Best PC games 2013 so far:



Tomb Raider 2013


When I think of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, the first thing that comes to my mind is the horrible, straight out of hell navigation and movement of the old Tomb Raider I and II. You needed to have hands of a surgeon to go in the right direction. Now, among my best PC games of 2013 (so far…) is the brand new Tomb Raider. With action packed gameplay from heaven (I find it similar to the one with blades in his hands…Assassin’s Creed perhaps? 😛 ), not to mention the godlike graphics (especially in the hair department), it is a welcomed change in its series. As a good addition the story has a nice and mysterious plot (with places where people like Indiana Jones would only go of course) and some good twists in it. My recommendation, it’s worth the money.

Mass Effect 3 - Citadel DLC


Now, I know this isn’t a new game, but I have been waiting for it like a 6-year-old waits for tomorrow on the night of Christmas to open his presents. Seeing how the Mass Effect series have always been not only about intense action, but also about friends and relationships between people, this one takes the cake in the latter. I mean, in what other game (besides Sims) can you throw a party, have fun with your close friends, fool around while they are drunk, and all of that after all of them coming to aid their close friend battle some vicious mercenaries hired by… Well I’ve said too much already. So, Mass Effect: Citadel, the latest Mass Effect DLC (as I have already said it’s not a full game, but it still kicks ass…) is definitely in my top 3 best PC games of 2013 (again, so far).

Crysis 3


When it comes to graphics, there is one game that you can spend $400 on a PC and still get decent settings or you can buy $1000 and get the ‘real deal, out-of-this-world-graphics‘. And it’s out of this world for a reason. It’s still on good-old Earth, but there are some truly realistic aliens (if you can call any alien realistic!). Running on the “CryEngine 3” it WILL give you 3 days of intense and fast-paced combat with lots of ‘Oh Yeah!’ moments, assuming you are not playing like my brother (I mean the guy has a stealth suit, a bow and can jump and run like crazy, and my brother would just find a sniper rifle and wait for the bad guys to come to him).

So this are the best PC games of 2013 in my opinion (and yet again, so far). Please like and share, and tell us in the comments what do you think are the best PC games of 2013.