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Parties, never any fun without some interesting alcoholic drinks to make you, the host with the most. Here are 10 Interesting blue alcoholic drinks for your party that you can make at home with just a few ingredients.

10. Electric Cool-Aid

Electric Cool Aid CocktailWe start off with a simple sweet drink that doesn’t have too much alcohol in it, a drink that can be used to start up the party in a softer way. Simple and very interesting looking.

Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 56 milliliter ( 2 Oz ) of Limoncello
  • 14 milliliter ( 0.5 Oz ) of Blue Curacao
  • 56 milliliter ( 2 Oz ) of Club Soda
  • 70 milliliter ( 2.5 Oz ) of Grape juice

How to make: Start of by putting 2 ice cubes into a cocktail or brandy glass. Pour the Limoncello , blue curacao and the club soda over the ice cubes and stir them so they can mix together. After a good stir add the grape juice on top so you can get an interesting looking layering of the mixture of drinks. Stir very little so the juice can mix but make sure to leave that awesome looking effect. Enjoy.

Time to make: 2 minutes.


9. The Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon CocktailThis cocktail has a slight salty taste to it along with the mix of Vodka Mandarin ( which is preferred ) and Blue Curacao. Fast, simple and interesting looking drink.

Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 85 milliliter ( 3 Oz ) of Vodka Mandarin
  • 28 milliliter (1 Oz) of Blue Curacao
  • Optional:
  • 1 Slice of orange or 1 cherry.

How to make: Mix the vodka and the blue curacao with some crushed ice. Shake it up really well to get that mixed all together and then pour it into a glass of your choice. A martini glass is preferred. You can add a slice of orange on the side of the drink or a cherry in the middle. To make this stand out even more 2-3 drops of Grenadine,or any other red liqueur that you prefer, in the middle of the glass and you get a cool looking effect .

Time to make: 4 minutes.


8. The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon CocktailThis drink is a sweet mix of pineapple mixed in rum ,a little sweet brandy and blue curacao. The taste of sweetness will stay in your mouth along with that slight salty taste.


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 1 small cup of ice
  • 21 milliliter (0.7 Oz) of Rum (preferred Vanilla)
  • 21 milliliter (0.7 Oz) of Blue Curacao
  • 85 milliliter (3 Oz) of Pineapple juice
  • 11 milliliter (0.4 Oz) Grand Marnier


How to make: Place everything from the listen ingredients into a blender and mix it very well. A shaker can be used instead of a blender but the ice will need to be crushed first. After everything has been mixed pour this drink into a glass of your choice (a long glass is preferred with a wider top) and drink this with a straw. Any decoration that you think might seem fit can be added.

Time to make: 5 minutes.


7. Moody Blue

Moody Blue CocktailThis interesting drink has a dark blue color to it due to a higher dose of blue curacao. It will leave you a strong taste in your mouth but after that relaxes you a little with the sweet taste of orange juice and sweet vermouth.


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • Ice cube
  • 35 milliliter (1.2 Oz) of Gin
  • 35 milliliter (1.2 Oz) of Sweet Vermouth
  • 70 milliliter (2.4 Oz) of Blue Curacao
  • 10 milliliter (0.3 Oz) Orange juice
  • Optional: 1 Sliced Orange


How to make: In a cocktail shaker put all of the ingredients and shake for a minute until everything is mixed together and you get a nice darker blue liquid form. Pour this drink into a glass of your choice. A Rocks/Whisky glass is preferred or you can go for the cocktail look and put it into a cocktail glass but if you choose to do this you will require more ingredients per serving. If you chose to put slices of orange, put one slice on top of your drink and let it soak into the drink for a few seconds and then eat it after drinking.

Time to make: 3 minutes.


6. X-Rated in the shower

X Rated in the showerThis sour and sweet mix will leave you with nothing but the feeling that you want more of this. Its great taste comes from the carefully chosen ingredients that you can get anywhere.

Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • Ice
  • 28 milliliter (1 Oz) of Triple Sec
  • 28 milliliter (1 Oz) of Blue Curacao
  • 28 milliliter (1 Oz) of Schnapps (butterscotch for optimal results)
  • 56 milliliter (2 Oz) of Orange juice


How to make: This drink is very simple to make but takes some time for the ingredients to mix together. Put everything into a shaker and pour into a champagne glass filled with a few cubes of ice. You should get a darker teal color of this drink or a lighter one depending on the curacao you put.

Time to make: 5 minutes.

5. Patriot shooter

Patriot Shooter CoctailThis is a shot drink that is sure to make people almost sorry that they will have to drink it because it looks so amazing. But hey, a party is a party and people got to drink.


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 9 milliliter (0.3 Oz) of Vodka
  • 9 milliliter (0.3 Oz) of Blue Curacao
  • 9 milliliter (0.3 Oz) of Grenadine


How to make: This drink needs some attention to detail and cannot be rushed if you want to achieve perfection. Pour the grenadine into a shot glass. Slowly pour blue curacao to create the blue layer in the glass and in the end slowly add the vodka to create the last layer. The layers can be mixed and with a little practice you can make this drink without even looking.

Time to make: 1 minute.


4. Shark Bite

Shark Bite CocktailAn old favorite. A nice little change from the normal drinks out there that has a nice sweet taste.


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 42 milliliter (1.4 Oz) of Spiced rum (Captain Morgan’s)
  • 21 milliliter (0.7 Oz) of Blue Curacao
  • 86 milliliter (3 Oz) of Sour mix
  • 5 milliliter (0.1 Oz) of Fresh lime juice
  • 5-10 milliliter (0.1 to 0.3 Oz) of Grenadine (splash)


How to make: Fill a highball glass (a cocktail glass can be used if you prefer ) with ice , add the rum, blue curacao, sour and the lime juice. Stir everything and after the drink settles add the grenadine splash to add an amazing looking effect. Should be drank with straw. Enjoy.

Time to make: 3 minutes.


3. Agua

Agua Cocktail ShooterWhat’s a party without shots? What if they are cool looking , even better right ? I present to you Agua, the drink that will burn you a little but moment later will relax you and make you ask for more !


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 9 milliliter (0.3 Oz) of Blue curacao
  • 9 milliliter (0.3 Oz) of Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 9 milliliter (0.3 Oz) of Coconut rum (Malibu)


How to make: Pour the blue curacao and the coconut rum into a shot glass and in the end add the Irish cream which will sink in the bottom. Wait a little and drink it for perfect taste results.

Time to make: 1 minute.


2. Blue Hawaii Cocktail

Blue Hawaii CocktailThis sweet little mix of vodka, rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice will leave you with that delightful feeling of joy as you drink it and will make you ask for a another drink due to its specific flavor of all of its carefully chosen ingredients.


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 21 milliliter (0.7 Oz) of light rum
  • 21 milliliter (0.7 Oz) of vodka
  • 14 milliliter (0.5 Oz) of blue curacao
  • 28 milliliter (1 Oz) of sweet and sour mix (already prepared)
  • 85 milliliter (3 Oz) of pineapple juice


How to make: There are two ways you can make this drink. You can make it using ice or no ice. If you are using ice combine every ingredient into a blender and add the ice cubes and start the blending until the ice is nicely crushed and everything is combined, then pour it into a glass of your choice ( a martini glass can be used best or a tall glass ). If you decide that you do not want ice just pour all the ingredients into a cocktail glass or a tall glass and stir until everything is combined. Any type of garnish can be added for decoration purposes.

Optional: Add 1 – 2 drops of Grenadine to add a bloody effect to make it look a lot more interesting and add a pinch of sweetness.

Time to make: 3 minutes.


1. Alien Brain Hemorrhage

Alien Brain Hemorrhage CocktailThe best looking drink, on our number one spot, a drink that looks so amazing after you give it a better look. At first it looks like an atom bomb fell in that glass and created that massive looking aftereffect, but after that second look you will see that it just the amazing mix of a few drinks that create something very interesting. Make sure you create this in front of your friends and watch their faces as they get shocked by these interesting results.


Ingredients you will need for one (1) serving:

  • 19 milliliter (0.65 Oz) Peach Schnapps
  • 14 milliliter (0.5 Oz) Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1 splash (5 ml or 0.1 Oz) Blue Curacao
  • 1 splash (5 ml or 0.1 Oz) Grenadine


How to make: When you are making this drink and any other cocktail you do not have to measure the ingredients exactly to the given specifics because they are given for the reason of simple guidelines for what your will need and how much of it. In a shot glass pour in the Peach Schnapps, after that put the Irish Cream so that it does not cover the top of the glass and has a little more room for the 2 remaining drinks. Add the splash of Blue Curacao to the shot and after that the splash of Grenadine. Do not stir this drink because you will lose the awesome looking effect you will get.

Time to make: 2 minutes

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    Nice cocktails… Shark bite is my favourite 😀

  • anoniem

    The ‘spiced rum (Captain Morgan’s)’ in the Shark Bite, is it the Gold or the Silver one?