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change eye color

If you have brown eyes and you want them to be blue, now there is a solution. With the new procedure – laser operation of only 20 seconds, you can turn your brown eyes to blue.

Can you really change eye color to blue?

Dr. Gregg Homer says that he has found the solution and that every brown eyed man can have blue eyes. He says that beneath almost every brown eye, there is a blue surface, hence we all have blue eyes.

Doctor Gregg Homer
With the laser operation that removes the brown pigment from the surface of the iris, your eyes will become permanently blue. Although the procedure is only 20 seconds, for the full effect to take place you will need to wait for 2-4 weeks.

Change eye color

Other things that the eye color surgery can do

If your eyes are already blue, you can make them lighter. Also if you are changing your eye color from brown to blue, you can leave a ring of brown pigment (around the pupil or the outer perimeter). This will make your pupil looks larger, and your eyes will look similar to the eyes of the girl on the picture.

Sharbat Gula Eyes

The final effect of the surgery

The procedure can’t be reversed, which means that however they may look, you are stuck with them. But the good thing is that if you like to see the final effect of how your eyes will look like, you can do that on a computer simulation. So before the operation you can decide if you like the ultimate effect and proceed with it.

Eye color surgery

When will the eye color surgery be available?

All this will be available probably this year, but we can’t know for sure because there isn’t a date yet. At this moment the Stroma Medical is in the testing period, but it is good to know that the preliminary human study are finished. They say that the product will be released in other countries first, and after that in the United States.

The cost of the procedure in not known, but should be around $5000 in the United States.

  • Rohan Viajar

    I’m pretty sure this was one of the things the Nazis were trying to do in their concentration camps.

  • f .r

    its agood news

  • Lisa


  • ryanball

    And you’ll keep waiting. It will never be approved.

  • Shane Wilson

    it will

  • King Bråd IX

    It’s science, women today dye their hair blond so is that also Nazi? Come on dammit move on.

  • King Bråd IX

    Yup, where there’s money to be made and if the safety guidelines are met it will be legal, but why would anyone do this? Saw this article on an add I was like… ugh shit here we go again.

  • sacredgeometry

    “Why not?” Is the real question.

  • Jack Person

    it’s only going to look good on darker skin. There are so many pale people with blue eyes, it’s not special. Eye colour should contrast with skin tone for it to be truly special, think about it.

    So not worth the money for me, unfortunately.

  • Gustav Suguimoto

    Agreed, Phenocopy is a practice that should not be classified as Nazi.

  • Gustav Suguimoto

    For all you people that are against the procedure I just have one thing to say, do NOT do the procedure. It’s like gay marriage, yada yada yada if you don’t believe in gay marriage you should not get married to a person of the same sex. Controversial but at least in my perspective is that, it is a very objective subject and should not affect your life if it’s not part of it.

  • Wyona Jimenez

    I don’t understand what the commotion is. I would do it…not because it would make me more beautiful (I already am beautiful). I like change. I have dyed my hair countless of colors. Why not change my eyes? Brightocular is a scary procedure but this sounds almost natural. Removing color is nothing next to inserting something in your eye. We have only yet begun to experience the technological age. Have you seen the Hoverboard which will be release in Dec. 2014? It’s defying gravity. We need to be open to change and stop living in a damn box. Wake up people! Stroma Medical, do your tests and make it safe! But, hurry!!!! I’m waiting anxiously!!!

  • Wyona Jimenez

    Me, too!!!!

  • Becca Lee

    Yeah but if every dark skinned person gets it done, it won’t be special anymore. I thought the same thing, then I thought about how many of my darkskinned friends and family would pay good money to have blue eyes. I can only imagine how many times you’ll be asked if they’re real or if they’re contacts…and that in and of itself is enough to deter me from getting it done.

  • Becca Lee

    Because this is not like changing your hair color, this is a permanent procedure and you can’t go back. You also don’t know what kind of blue eyes you’ll have underneath. It’s like getting your nose done or a tummy tuck. You can’t go back. You can go back after breast implants, but not procedures like this. So it’s something to think about. The nice thing is, you’re fair skinned so it will just enhance your beauty. If I get it done, people will ask endlessly if they’re real or contacts. And that can get way old–real fast.

  • Will Singletary

    Ive read the comments and am a’mazed NO ONE asked how safe this procedure would be. How many risks are there in doing this? Of course the most thought of one ould be blindness. Are you willing to go blind for blue eyes??

  • Yolanda Garcia

    Well said! Touché