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This article contains information about Coke Zero Caffeine content and other ingredients, comparison between Coke Zero and Diet Coke, and also some information about the new Coca-Cola’s product, caffeine free Coke Zero.

Does Coke Zero Have Caffeine?


Yes. There is 45 mg caffeine in Coke Zero (16 fl. oz. bottle). If you compare it to Red Bull (80 mg in 8.46 fl. oz. can), it has approximately 4 times lower caffeine content. But there is a new caffeine free Coke Zero, so if you don’t like caffeine in your drinks, that may be your choice (Scroll at the bottom for more info).

Calories in Coke Zero


A lot of people want to know how many calories Coke Zero contains. Well, it’s obvious that there are no calories, because the name of the product says it. As they say on the bottle, there are 0 calories in one serving. But if you drink in larger dosage there are very few calories (in 1 liter there are 3 calories).

Sugar in Coke Zero


There is no sugar in Coke Zero. If it had sugar, then it would also have calories. Instead of sugar, to make it calories free, Coke Zero and Diet Coke have artificial sweeteners.

coke zero sugar and sweetener

Coke Zero Sweetener


There are a couple of artificial sweeteners that replace sugar. It contains Acesulfame-K (Ace-K) that is much sweeter than sugar (around 150-200 times). It also contains Aspartame, an artificial sweetener that is most thoroughly tested (and approved) food additive by the FDA.

Coke Zero vs Diet Coke

Coke Zero vs. Diet Coke


According to Coca-Cola’s official site, Coke Zero is the same as Diet Coke. It has the same sweeteners, the same low calorie ingredients and zero sugar. But Coke Zero has the same great taste as the original Coca-Cola, while Diet Coke’s taste is slightly different. That is because those same ingredients are in different proportions, which changes the flavor of the drink.

Caffeine Free Coke Zero


Coca Cola has announced a few days ago a new product, caffeine free Coke Zero. This drink will be available for sale from July 2013. It will come in 12, 12 fl. oz. cans packages and 2 liter bottles. The new caffeine free Coke Zero will have the same ingredients, except the caffeine. The decision for new product was probably made because of the popularity of caffeine free sparkling drinks which are around 30% in U.S.