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democrats vs republicans

In the USA there are two major political parties: Democratic and Republican. Many people differentiate them as liberals (Democrats) and conservatives (Republicans), but there are other differences between them that are not very well known. The three major things that Democrats and Republicans have different views on are: the economy, same-sex marriage and healthcare.


Democrats vs Republicans on Taxes

First, in terms of taxes, these two parties have very different approach. Democrats want bigger taxes on individuals, whereas Republicans want lower taxes. The reason why Democrats want bigger taxes is to balance the budget and have more money for other programs, such as education and healthcare. In contrast, Republicans want lower taxes and their plan to balance the budget is spending less money by the government. These two approaches are very different and it’s very hard for these two parties to find a common ground.


Democrats vs Republicans on Same-Sex Marriages

Second, they have two very different opinions about same-sex marriages. Democrats are supporters of same-sex marriages and according to them they should be legalized in all 50 states. Some of them also believe that the state should decide whether to approve it or not. On the contrary, Republicans are against same-sex marriages. They don’t want to legalize it in any state and don’t want to let the states decide either. Other republicans would allow only the ceremony and according to them, instead of marriage their union should be called ‘domestic partnership’.



Democrats vs Republicans on Healthcare

Third, they have very different approach regarding healthcare. Democrats want everyone to be able to afford medication and everyone to pay same for health insurance. In their opinion, the government has to control the prices of medication and help the ones that can’t afford it with the taxation money. On the other hand, Republicans have totally different approach on this topic. They want the health insurance to privatize, and with that the medication prices to drop since there will be more competition.

These were the three major things that Democrats and Republicans have different views on. There are many more things on which they have different opinions, but sometimes compromises have to be made. If you liked this article, don’t forget to comment and share.