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Dr Gregg Homer – Change Eye Color

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Find out everything about Dr Gregg Homer, Stroma Medical and change eye color laser treatment.

Dr Gregg Homer

Who is Dr Gregg Homer?

Gregg Homer is a doctor from California who developed a new treatment that can change the color of your eyes from brown to blue. The procedure lasts only 20 seconds, while the color change need 2 weeks to take an effect.┬áThis procedure is not available yet, but when it will be, Dr Gregg Homer and Stroma Medical guarantee that the brown pigment won’t return and your eyes will be blue forever.

Brown eyes blue, with laser

All eyes are blue, even the brown ones. Underneath the brown layer of pigment, every eye is basically blue. With the help of a laser that uses combination of frequencies, the pigment of the iris is exposed to the laser. With a laser treatment┬áthat lasts for only 20 second, you’ll get your blue eyes.

change eye color

Also it is important to know, that the eye color change from brown to blue is not instant. You need to wait around 2-4 weeks so the pigment disappears and the blue eye is revealed.

Change eye color to blue

This laser procedure should cost $5000 and should be available in 2014. Stroma Medical thinks that people will be very interested in this treatment and from the survey of 2500 people, 35% said that they would truly think about it, and 17% that would do the procedure if they where assured it is safe.

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  • Michelle Jean

    They are beginning their clinical trials in Mexico City in mid November than they Will begin their 2nd trial mid 2014 and then mostly will release in August 2015

  • Mike

    I thought they said it would be released outside the us in 2013?! Why is it taking longer than expected?!