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What is extreme tourism? It’s going to crazy, dangerous and extreme places and doing crazy thing. It’s something that gives you adrenalin and it’s similar to extreme sport. If you have some money, are looking for adrenalin and to having a good time, then you should go to some of the following cities.


Most Extreme Places for Adrenalin Lovers



Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened on 26 April 1986. Since the disaster, 50000 people escaped from Pripyat. Now Pripyat is abandoned city. If you want to go there you need permission and it’s recommended to go only with touristic agency. Also, there are some rules that you need to follow for your own safety.

Victoria Falls

Waterfall on Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The period you can go and swim to the Devil’s Pool is from September to January. There are tours with 12 people that can go there and swim. It’s amazing to be at the edge of the waterfall and look down. The tour to the Devil’s Pool will cost you around $40-60 and you can go there with train or bus.

Devil's Pool

Amazon Jungle

Amazon is the world biggest rainforest which extends to several countries, mostly around Brazil. In the tours that last couple of days, you can see beautiful flora and fauna which is present in the wonderful Amazon nature. You can also camp there or see the sun rising. It’s great experience for those who love nature and camping.

Yungas Road – Bolivia

This is the most dangerous road in the world and it’s called Yungas road or Dead Road. Its 60 km long starting from La Pas to Coroico. Each year there are more than 200 deaths. For your adrenaline to be at the highest level you will need to ride a bike on that road, but that will be extremely dangerous even if you are professional biker, because you are always on the edge. This is one of the most extreme places to be in the world.

Yungas Road – Bolivia

Bungee jumping into an active volcano – Chile

How dangerous and interesting sounds jumping into an active volcano? You will jump from a helicopter and you’ll be very close to the lava. Very dangerous and it’s only for those who have a strong heart. All that you can have in Pucon – Chile, but for a high price of $10.000. This is one of the most extreme and dangerous things to do and that’s why it’s in the first place on this list of extreme tourism places.

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