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funny movies 2011

This is my list about the funniest movies of 2011. Like every year, there were tons of good comedy movies in 2011 too, but here I would like to review only the best ones. And the Top 5 funniest movies of 2011 are: Horrible Bosses, Arthur, Your Highness…

What are the funniest movies of 2011?

Horrible Bosses

I just watched this movie. I know I’m 2 years late, but somehow I missed it in 2011. Horrible Bosses is an awesome movie. With lots of twists and great cast, this movie is one of the funniest movies of 2011. There is a sexual and racial humor and if you like that kind of comedy, then you have to watch this movie.

Your Highness

Very interesting, strange and funny movie. The jokes were great and I didn’t stop laughing. Some may be bothered by the offensive jokes and the sexual language, but for me that’s never a problem. There is a lot of action and great special effects. Also with Natalie Portman in the cast, this movie is a must-see and I recommend you to watch it with your friends.

The Muppets

Great movie for all ages, not only for kids. It’s easily one of the funniest movies of 2011. This movie was clever and hilarious although I’m not a fan of the Muppets, I haven’t watched them for a decade (except the Bohemian Rhapsody). What I also liked in this movie was that the Muppets where treated like they were real actors. Watch the movie and you will know what I’m talking about.


Excellent movie, but not if you are devoutly religious and don’t like swearing and anti-religious humor. Paul is a movie about two geek friends who encounter an alien, and then travel with him across the US. If you are 18-30 years old, there is a good chance that you will like this movie and then recommend it to your friends.


This movie was great. But if you watched the original, please don’t compare them. Some would say that is better, some won’t, but haters gonna hate. The story is averagely good and the jokes are great. Arthur is a very enjoyable movie and it will make you laugh out loud.