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google authorship

The implementation of Google Authorship will help you have more traffic by making your CTR (Click-through Rate) higher. When people see your article on Google, your link will have more chances to be clicked because if looks nicer, cleaner and with higher quality.

What is Google Authorship?

Well Google Authorship is Google’s way to link the author to the content that he created. And the way it links the author is by Google+ profile, of course. If you want to see your name and picture on your posts that appear on Google when someone searches for your targeted keyword, then you need to continue reading. This article contains 3 easy steps, and if you follow them, you will see your picture by your posts.

Google Authorship

3 easy steps for enabling Google Authorship

    1. The first thing is that you must have Google+ profile with nice headshot profile picture.


    1. Make sure that you have your name somewhere on your site (every page), and the name matches the one on Google+ profile.


  1. Verify that you have an email on the same domain as your content ( You can verify it here, but first you’ll need to have Google+ profile.

Alternative way to enable Google Authorship

    1. Have a link on your pages with your Google+ profile.
      For example: Rel Author.
      You must include the ?rel=author parameter.


    1. Add a link to your profile in the “Contributor To” section.


  1. All than you can test it here with the help of WebMasters and see if it works.

Well that’s all. Now you should have successfully enabled Google Authorship. If you have any problems with Google Authorship, comment and we’ll try to help you. And if you found this article useful, please don’t forget to like and share.