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What is a long tail keyword? How to find long tail keywords? Continue reading this HitTail review and you will find out.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are combinations of more then 3 words with specific terms – model numbers, price range, etc – that are less common. Basically, they are less popular keywords when compared to the “head” keywords which are the more frequently searched on. For example, money is a “head” keyword while money laundering control act is a “long tail keyword”.

Long Tail Keywords

With long tail SEO it’s easier to rank on the search engines

HitTail – Long Tail Keyword Tool

HitTail is a service that reveals in real time the most promising keywords from a long tail search results. They are presented as suggestions and thus boost visitors to your site. To be more exact, HitTail brings visitors to your website by focusing on the organic keywords in your existing traffic. So HitTail is basically long tail keyword research application.

keywords in real-time

HitTail is also a real-time keyword tool

What Do You Get With HitTail?

First I should mention that you can sign up for a 21 day trial and if you don’t like the service you can cancel anytime during this time frame. The results will come quickly and it’s free to try so you have nothing to lose.

The Personal plan can handle up to 4000 monthly unique visitors and the subscription cost is $9.95/month. The personal plan will guarantee you unlimited domains, real time reporting, keyword suggestions and support for all languages.

HitTail Review Prices

PRO ($19.95/month) is the most popular plan

There are three more plans that you can choose from. The Pro Plan is $19.95/month and can handle up to 10,000 unique visitors, the Business Plan gets up to 30,000 unique visitors for $39.95/month and the Agency plan can hit 80,000 unique visitors for $79.95/month.

For these three you get everything that Personal plan has to offer and also the one click custom articles, export keyword data to excel, e-mail alerts for keyword suggestions and filters between paid and organic search traffic. Also, if you’d like more visitors per month, Hit Tail will allow you 15,000 more for and extra $9.95.

For those of you who don’t know, the one click custom articles is a service where HitTail provide you articles that you asked for at a price of $19. All you have to do is find the keywords you want to use in their suggested list, press the order article button and in a few days you’ll have a 400 words article.

Why Should You Use HitTail?

The functionality it offers will help you grow your blog. HitTail can not only help by making you easier to find on the search engines, but can also improve your blog’s online profile so it will lead to new business.

long tail keyword generator

HitTail is really great at suggesting long tail keywords

HitTail will get suggestions for keywords and content that can drive revenue, search your hits in real time in order to have a better understanding of your market and get unique data to your business instead of the same recycled industry reports. So if you wanna draw more attention to your organic search traffic, HitTail is a great service for SEOs, bloggers, internet marketers and everyone else.

Click here and register today. Start your 21 days free trial now!

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