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The insanity training schedule is a list of exercises which are part of the Insanity Workout. This list is no laughing matter because it was created with the pure desire to help you dig deeper in your strength and make you want to push just a little further to get those results fast and safe, but not easy, definitely not easy.

The insanity training schedule is divided into 3 groups, also called workout stages, and they are the First and Second month of workout and the Recovery week that is between the two months. There are a total of 10 workouts that are distributed on this schedule in a way that it, no matter how strong you are, WILL test you, WILL make you take a break for a second and WILL make you sweat that toxic filled sweat and make you get that form that you always wanted.


10 Insanity Training Workouts


As I mentioned before the insanity training schedule has 10 different workouts. I will go a little into detail for each one and will tell you what each one is all about.

Dig Deeper & Fit Test

These exercises are made for everyone, no matter what kind of body you have, how strong you are or even if you are male or female. You start with your insanity workout with these exercises which will help determine how you can handle the exercises and how many you can do from DAY 1. But you do not just do one Fit Test. No, you will do a total of 4 fit tests that will make you see the difference in your strength and how you can do more exercises from that workout and not just see your results in front of the mirror. If you got what it takes and stick through the whole workout, you will be blown away from your results. You just got to have some dedication. Dig Deeper and Fit test last for 30 minutes.

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

These exercises are the first you will encounter after your Day 1 fit test. There are 5 Plyometric cardio circuit exercises in the first Month on the Insanity workout sheet. These exercises combine their intensity to train the muscle fibers and the nerves that activate them. The exercises include a variety of Jumping, Hopping and Bounding movements. A plyometric cardio circuit combines 4 exercises that increase your cardiovascular level and strengthen the stretch reflex on your legs. The plyometric cardio circuit lasts for 40 minutes.

Cardio Power and Resistance

These exercises are all about your cardio power and resistance. In the Insanity workout schedule you will encounter 5 of this type of exercise in the first month of your workout. It starts with a simple warm up that repeats itself three times on the very start and you have to warm up in three different speeds each one faster than the previous. After the warm up after a short break you start with the exercise itself which takes you through some insane exercises that will again repeat 3 times and you have to do them at different speed starting from normal, going into fast and the insane. The training lasts for 40 minutes and you finish it with a nice stretch while your body is still warm.

Cardio recovery and max recovery

These are two different exercises, but are very similar because they are based on the same technique, not speed. They consist of exercises that will help you recover from the insane training of your cardio. You will encounter 4 cardio recovery exercises in the first month and 3 max recovery exercises in the second month.

Pure cardio and cardio abs

When it is time to this exercise according to the insanity workout sheet, it will always come together with pure cardio. So basically you must do the pure cardio exercise and then do the exercise for Cardio Abs. The workout consists of a warm up, the exercise and cooldown stretch. Total of 15 minutes.

Core cardio and balance

The recovery week, the week where you will do 5 core cardio and balance exercises which will help you balance out your body while still making you workout. The training lasts for 40 minutes and helps you gear up for month 2 but helps you relax from month 1 of the insanity workout.

Insanity Training Cardio

Max interval circuit

This interval circuit consists of the warm up, the main training and the final stretching. You will do this exercise 6 times in the second month. The training is all about mixing together a couple of exercises to test your body to the max and all you have to do is stay focused and use those water breaks when they come. The whole training is 60 minutes long.

Max interval plyometric

This interval plyometric is considered the second toughest, the most insane workout of these series of exercises. It starts with a warm up workout and stretch. The workout has a few long phases of hard exercises and have 30 second water break in between. This workout is hard, it will make you feel the pain and it will make you doubt what you are doing to yourself but IT WILL be worth and it will get you the results. You will this workout 6 times for 55 minutes in the second month.

Max cardio conditioning

THE hardest workout because it is all about doing a lot of exercises with little to no water breaks. This exercise will test you for 6 times in your second month for 50 minutes each. It will break you if you are not with some strong will and determination. The exercises are hard to do if you do not listen to the instructions and may cause you to fail and be forced into an early break.

These are the 10 Insanity Workout exercises that the insanity training schedule has in it. Also don’t forget to share this article and tell me what are your favorite exercises in the comments below.