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lemon water diet

Lemon Water Diet is very simple. All you need is one lemon per day and some warm water. Do you want something that will make you feel better, make your skin clearer and also lose weight in the process?

What do you need to do?

As soon as you wake up, the first thing to do after you brush your teeth is to mix one freshly squeezed lemon and some warm water in a cup and drink it. Then you continue to eat what you usually eat. I told you, it’s that simple.

How does Lemon Water Diet help you?

  • It gets the calcium in your fat cells and reduces the fat (the more calcium in these cells – the more fat is reduced)
  • It gets rid of the toxins in your body
  • It’s good for your immune system because of the vitamin C
  • It’s good for your digestion
  • It clears your skin
  • It minimizes your appetite
  • It will help you cleanse your system

Some tips:

  • When you prepare the lemon/water drink, do not add any sugar in it. You won’t like the taste the first few days, but after that you will get used to it. I know I didn’t like it at the beginning, but after a few days it got better and better, so have patience.
  • For better results eat only fruits for breakfast, as much fruit as you want.
  • If you want to lose weight faster, eat only half of what you usually eat. For example, if you usually eat 4 pieces of bread during lunch – cut back on 2 only. Exercising is also a big plus in improving your health and losing weight.

With the Lemon Water Diet you have to have patience, and remember – don’t be a quitter.