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Here you can find out what are the top 5 most disturbing books ever written. This list is created by me, but while I was reading reviews on the internet, I found out that the selected books are also strange, disturbing and violent for a lot of people.

Strange and Disturbing Books

Most Disturbing Books of All Time


Johnny Got His Gun

Writer: Dalton Trumbo, born in United States (1905-1976)
About the Book: This book is about a man called Joe, who survived the World War I, but with tremendous repercussions. He lost his both legs and hands, and also he was blind and deaf. The only thing he was left with was his mind. Johnny Got His Gun is very sad, emotional and true book. Also it is slightly disturbing, but I don’t think that will be a problem for anyone. For more disturbing books, continue to read this article.

The 120 Days of Sodom

Writer: Marquis de Sade, born in France (1740-1814)
About the Book: Four wealthy men kidnap and sexually torture 24 young victims. This book was written while the author was in Bastille and it has no limitations. It’s full with disgusting and shocking scenes which makes it one of the most disturbing books ever written. This horror/erotic book is believed to be Sade’s best piece of work.


Writer: José Saramago, born in Portugal (1922-2010)
About the Book: What would happen if we all lost the ability to see? This is the main story in “Blindness”, in which a whole unnamed country goes blind, except one person. This is one of Sarmago’s most popular and disturbing books. Also, you may find it difficult to read because the lack of punctuation.

American Psycho

Writer: Bret Easton Ellis, born in United States (1964)
About the Book: The main character in this book is Manhattan businessman Patrick Bateman (famously known from the movie with the same title). The disturbing part in this book is the very detailed sex and violent scenes, which the author was happy to provide for us. Because of this book the author received a large number of hate mail and death threats.

Naked Lunch

Writer: William S. Burroughs, born in United States (1914-1997)
About the Book: While reading reviews for this book I found that some people can’t read it till the end, because it is too emotionally disturbing and violent. But more people like the book and the writing style of the author. Although it is tough to read, if you like the beginning, you will love the whole book.

What is the most disturbing book you’ve ever read?