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chess opening moves

What are the top 5 best chess opening moves of all time? In this article I will tell you more about that. Chess openings are very important if you want to be good chess player. If you take a good position on the table from the start, you will have advantage in the whole game.

Top Chess Opening Moves

French-Chess-OpeningThe French Defense is a couple of chess opening moves that are very popular for professional players and beginners. It was named in 1834 after the match played by Paris and London. The French Defense is represented by the following moves:
e4 – The white plays the pawn to e4 and with that takes the center position on the table.
e6 – The opponent moves his king pawn only one space, to e6 on the table and with that he defends himself.

Sicilian-Chess-OpeningThe Sicilian Defense is the most common and one of the best chess openings in modern play. It dates from 1594 and starts with the following moves:
e4 – Same as the previous chess opening (French Defense) the white moves its pawn to e4.
c5 – The opponent moves his pawn two spaces and with that he plays the best scoring and most popular response to c5.

Queens-Gambit-Opening-In-ChessThe Queen’s Gambit is the oldest chess opening and dates before 1497. It is a great opening for the white player and it’s often played by grandmasters. It features the following moves:
d4 – The white moves his queen pawn 2 spaces to d4.
d5 – The black player moves his queen pawn also 2 spaces to d5.
c4 – Then the white moves his other pawn to c4 and with that he leaves the opponent to bad position. If he takes the pawn, the white can build strong attack.

English-Chess-Opening-MovesThe English Opening is very simple and flexible chess opening that dates from 1843. This opening begins with this move:
c4 – The white moves his pawn to c4. In this opening you have a lot of options and the other moves depend on what the opponent will play.

dutch-defense-in-chessThe Dutch Defense is interesting and active defense from the d4 move played by the white. It dates from 1789 and it was recommended in a book by Elias Stein as the best defense from d4. It contain the following moves:
d4 – The white moves to d4, the same is in Queen’s Gambit.
f5 – This is an alternative move for the black, if he does not want to play the Queen Gambit. It offers a lot of counterattacking opportunities.

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